Radio interview with Mariia Shemiatina, BorisShevchuk, and Dan Gashler, November 15, 2022, on “Talk of the Town, with Arnie Schwartz,” WIOX Community Radio, Roxbury, NY

The Mountain Eagle

Bushel Hosts Informational Event for Two Russian Doctors Seeking Asylum in Delaware County, Nov 4

Boris & Mariia: Week One in Delaware County!

We wanted to write to you all to say THANK YOU for your incredible outpouring of love, concern, and support for Mariia and Boris.  A lot has happened since we first shared their story with the community just three weeks ago. On November 3rd, Mariia was released...

Update on Boris & Mariia

Dear Friends and Supporters of DCCRS and Boris and Mariia,We write to you with an exciting update: In a few hours, Boris and Mariia will land at Newark Airport, where they will be met by Dan, Esther, and Sangeeta, and brought up to Delhi NY where Mina will be waiting...